Reflecting on 2017 Cover Stories

2017 cover stories

Reflection is often the stepping-stone to inspiration. And there’s no better place to draw inspiration from than the campus rec centers featured in the Campus Rec Magazine 2017 cover stories.

This article contains a collection of snapshots from all six cover stories of 2017 in Campus Rec Magazine. With any luck, you’ll be able to find a spark of creativity by reflecting on what these success stories have taught us.


Story: Something in the Atmosphere

School: Colorado State University (CSU)

The Student Recreation Center at CSU brings the Colorado outdoors and nature inside, providing a high-quality recreation experience for students. The facility was completed in 2011 to meet the needs of a growing student population, but the growth didn’t stop there. Judy Muenchow, the executive director of recreation at CSU, and the entire CSU recreation staff have remained focused on their core values — community, development and integrity — as they move forward.

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Story: Metamorphosis

School: Central Michigan University (CMU)

University recreation is critical to CMU’s mission — it plays an essential role in the development and success of students on campus. Stan Shingles, the assistant vice president of university recreation, got the nickname “Mayor Shingles” by working with departments and leaders across multiple campus organizations to ensure campus recreation remains a priority for the whole university. Thanks to his efforts, the school’s recreation offerings incorporate group fitness, nutrition, personal training and various other options.

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Story: The Tigers’ New Stripes

School: Louisiana State University (LSU)

Laurie Braden, the executive director of university recreation at LSU, used three words to sum up the new Student Recreation Center: energetic, impactful and transformative. The 231,335-square-foot facility is innovative and bright, laced with purple and gold, and creates a welcoming and inclusive environment. The breathtaking atmosphere encourages students to dive right into physical fitness and allows the campus recreation department to really engage them.

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Story: The Cardinal Rules of Risk-Taking

School: University of Louisville

Dale Ramsay, the director of intramural and recreational sports, has been with Louisville for over 37 years, and has learned over his career that often the biggest risks lead to the greatest rewards. He is a first-hand testament for how campus recreation can transform a campus.

Read the entire story here.


Story: Portland State’s Inclusive Character

School: Portland State University

Staying true to the city’s culture, it is only fitting the Portland State Department of Campus Rec provides the same unparalleled character. Over the past decade campus rec at the university has developed and expanded substantially, all the while pushing boundaries and thinking outside of the box. Throughout the designing of a new facility, implementation of programming and development of policies, inclusivity has remained the guiding focus of the department.

Read the entire story here.


Story: Motivating Madison Into Motion

School: James Madison University (JMU)

Eric Nickel, the director of University Recreation at JMU, has facilitated huge success in Harrisonburg, Virginia, by developing a mission in the University Recreation Center (UREC): “Motivating Madison into Motion.” This mission has driven the recreation department to create more workout space and implement programming that fosters learning outcomes, all in the name of engaging students and helping them reach their fitness goals.

Read the entire story here.

Bobby Dyer
Bobby is a former staff writer at Peake Media.

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