Innovative Ticketing Solutions for Events


Special events play a key role for colleges, and universities trying to raise money for funding and other curricular activities. MedTech Wristbands provides innovative event solutions which aid in security, admission, and promotional advertising through customized products for such events.

One of MedTech’s most popular products- Fabric wristbands are customizable in full color and feature a one-time-use closure. Add a RFID tag for quick non-barcode scans, gate & locker access, link to social media, and more! If you are looking for an identifier for guests with special or VIP access, MedTech offers customizable Credential Passes; Add a QR code linking directly to your site or social media page. Lenticular Lanyard Inserts serve the same purpose but feature graphics that change with motion, giving you the perfect opportunity to add your event details, promotional advertising, and more! Plus- they make a great keepsake! Lenticular is also available in wristbands, postcards, business cards, bookmarks/rulers, and shelf danglers.

Another fantastic product from MedTech is their new LED Glow wristbands and Cat Ears. Manage up to 65,000 devices using only 33 DMX channels to create a controllable interactive light show of up to 16 million colors. Generate revenue by selling these products at the event for guests to “glow” crazy.

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