Integration of RFID Electronic Locking Systems Are Key to Modern Facilities

Today’s modern facilities cater to technologically savvy consumers who expect a completely integrated security experience upon entrance. Gone are the days when visitors would leave their valuables entrusted behind a basic padlock, or when facility managers would leave the security of their facilities to chance. There is now a simple solution to both of these security woes; RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locking systems offer both added security for users and peace of mind for owners.

RFID locking systems provide one media for all applications which provides an integrated operating system for entire facilities, highlighting the latest standard of security for the modern consumer. These systems may function as a standalone security system or can be added to established facility software that is already in use. The inclusion of additional management capabilities provides owners an insight to what is taking place inside of their facilities, thus improving their current security measures and improving future protocols. These systems also include an innovative ability to trace activity throughout the system and to pull data and trace users through the software systems.

Facility managers and users alike reap a host of benefits offered through the use of RFID locking systems. The main feature that interested parties find appealing highlights the full integration offered by RFID locking systems. RFID technology can be fully integrated with extra access controls, allowing the unique card credentials to become the sole unit required for access to a variety of functions including parking, access control, daily facility maintenance, locker use, and infoterminals to name a few.

RFID electronic locking systems not only enhance security features for on-site management and security for system users, but they help increase day-to-day user efficiency. All components run off of the same card or unique identifier equipment which requires users only handle one unit at a time. Not only does this alleviate user-stress derived from carrying around multiple keys fobs, but facility managers can rest easy knowing that the needs of their clients are being well-served.

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Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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