Intelivideo Enters Collegiate Recreational Fitness Market with Fusion Partnership


Intelivideo, a video on demand (VOD) and digital technology platform for the health and wellness industry, and InnoSoft, the market leader in campus recreation software, announced today a new strategic partnership that unites the providers’ capabilities to create an adaptable recreation management and VOD fitness platform for collegiate recreational fitness facilities.

“Intelivideo has expanded rapidly over the last year, as the digital fitness services we offer are more valuable than ever in today’s world,” said Adam Zeitsiff, the president and CEO of Intelivideo in a statement. “Collegiate recreational fitness and wellness programming will be especially important in a post-COVID environment, and providing those services in a hybrid format will ensure all audiences can benefit from them. In coordination with InnoSoft, we’re excited to provide the digital resources and expertise needed to make it as easy as possible for college students and faculty to prioritize their health and wellness both in and out of their school’s facilities.”

As a result of the partnership, InnoSoft clients will now have access to Intelivideo’s wide range of on-demand and livestream services for digital fitness while managing their operation systems with Fusion, the software currently trusted by hundreds of collegiate campuses across North America for the daily management of their recreational facilities, programming and online services.

Adding Intelivideo’s customizable digital fitness offerings to the existing InnoSoft Fusion management software presents the opportunity for colleges to create hyper-local fitness and wellness programming for students, faculty and alumni. The purpose of providing digital, on-the-go wellness solutions that complement in-person facilities is to increase engagement among all audiences, ultimately adding value to the institution’s recreational portfolio.

“Campus facilities have been using our Fusion software since 2008, and we are proud of how much the systems have evolved and improved since then to effectively serve our collegiate partners,” said Harrison Kelly, the CEO of InnoSoft. “With digital fitness on the rise, it’s time we take our Fusion software to the next level with on-demand capabilities made possible by Intelivideo’s robust technology and unique strategic support services. With an influx of students returning to campuses this year, we’re excited to launch this new chapter of our continued commitment to providing a best-in-class experience for both users and operators alike in the world of collegiate recreational fitness.”

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Intelivideo is a video on demand and digital technology platform for gyms, health clubs, college and universities, and medical wellness providers.

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