Introducing the MicroFit Total Fitness Assessment Lab


MicroFit, Inc. has been producing quality fitness/wellness assessment software and medical grade testing equipment since 1986. Several hundred colleges and universities have benefited by using a wide range of MicroFit products designed to:

  • Provide a comprehensive yet “simple to use” Fitness Profile software for campus recreation, human performance labs, Kinesiology – Sports Science classes, and for a growing number of personal training certification courses.
  • Provide comprehensive yet “easy to understand” reports which help to educate, and motivate participants to improve their health and fitness.
  • Provide a comprehensive Wellness Profile Questionnaire to identify specific lifestyle behaviors with constructive recommendations on how to improve a participant’s overall wellness score.
  • Provide comprehensive nutrition and exercise programming software to help fitness specialists, and other health professionals to offer their services more effectively.
  • Provide a full range of quality fitness testing equipment, including their advanced FAS-2 System and integrated accessories which has been their signature product for over 30 years.

MicroFit’s most recent product offering is their MF-1215 treadmill which can be controlled automatically by their latest HealthWizard 5 software. This completes their Total Fitness Assessment Lab concept and for those organizations looking for an integrated approach to human performance assessments, quality reporting and data management features, your wait is over! No other company has put such a comprehensive program together at such an affordable price. This complete package offering can be comfortably positioned in an area 12’ X 12’ and is ideal for colleges / universities, recreation centers, service oriented health clubs, military and first responder training centers, hospital based medical fitness, and for corporate wellness programs designed to lower employee healthcare costs.

MicroFit has served this entire range of clients for 30 years and their commitment to excellence has been the guiding principle which has allowed them to survive and thrive in a highly competitive industry. So if your goal is to create additional revenue, improve the “member experience,” increase retention, and ultimately improve your organizational growth and services, be sure to check out the MicroFit Total Fitness Assessment Lab for yourself. MicroFit also offers a full range of alternative manual testing equipment and HealthWizard 5 software options for those with a very limited budget.

Fitness Assessments are now considered one of the key “best practices” for organizations wanting to provide quality service to their members. Initial fitness assessments establish baseline starting points for proper exercise instruction or for specific medical prescription. Realistic goal setting can take place and an individual’s progress can be successfully monitored. With MicroFit’s HealthWizard 5 software, group analysis also allows organizations to assess the results of their investment in staff, equipment, as well as their overall programming efforts.

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Written By: Rob Rideout, V.P. – Co-founder – MicroFit, Inc. Tel: 800-822-0405 ext. 1105 Email:


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