PlayyOn Launches Their Sports Media Platform


PlayyOn recently announced the official launch of its digital platform for sports and fitness participation. Available at no cost in the iTunes store, Google Play and on the web: with the mission of making the sports experience better for everyone.

PlayyOn is a mobile-friendly sports media platform for recreational sports clubs, teams and individual athletes. Designed and developed by the athletic community, the platform provides an all-in-one mobile solution including: registration forms, schedules, rosters, announcements and alerts that can all be pushed easily to social media.

PlayyOn addresses the frustration the sports community has today with the fragmented experience of finding, evaluating, and managing sports related information. Users who have found the platform useful include college club sport programs, youth competitive traveling clubs/teams, adult recreational leagues, high school athletic departments and youth recreational leagues. All ages, all abilities.

PlayyOn is devoted to making it easy for coaches, club directors, players and parents to access their sport information. SallyAnn Reiss, the CEO, explains: “We know that the primary screen for most people nowadays is their cell phone.” Reiss adds, “There are many products out there making the athlete better, so we are committed to make the athlete’s electronic experience better.”

About PlayyOn

The vision of PlayyOn is to facilitate a sports participation community that shares the values of competition and camaraderie.  Based in Silicon Valley, California, the company strives to bring cutting edge technology to the sports world for the benefit of everyone involved. For more information:


Kathleen Findlay
Public Relations Manager


Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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