Plymouth State Impressed by Matrix’s Support of Student Leaders

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Photo courtesy of Plymouth State University

At Plymouth State University (PSU), Drew Guay, the director of Campus Recreation, has been thoroughly impressed by the Matrix Fitness team’s ability to go above and beyond, and genuinely care about their partners. Below he shares anecdotes from his experience:

Campus Rec: Why did you decide to partner with Matrix – what problem were you looking to solve, or what solution were you looking to incorporate?

Drew Guay: Matrix has proven to be a company who genuinely cares about the student experience. It’s always been important to me to involve my students in the process and give them a voice. Matrix goes above and beyond to welcome my students into the discussion and help them understand just how powerful their voice is.

I was first impressed by Matrix’s willingness to help support the student experience when I was invited by Nick Sweatt to go visit a facility that had just installed a lot of Matrix equipment. I was working with my Fitness intern, Kevin Vuong, who was excited to hear about the equipment I was going to look at. I asked Nick if Kevin could join us and Nick was happy to involve Kevin in the process. Nick spent time talking with both of us about the equipment and showed us the many different features of the equipment that made Matrix stand out. He saw a student who was excited to learn and made him feel welcome and valued in the process.

Nick showed a true investment in my student employee, something he has continued to do with numerous students since that first meeting. Being the only Campus Recreation professional at PSU, that type of support has been incredible as I have been able to utilize him to help support students who have fitness interests and want to step up within our program. Kevin went on to win the Student Employee of the Year award for PSU that year and was so appreciative of the support and mentorship Nick showed him. When I found out he was going to win the award, I invited Nick to be at the ceremony so he could be there to celebrate Kevin.

CR: How has Matrix helped enhance your fitness offerings?

DG: Matrix products have been incredibly popular with our students on campus. The cardio equipment is among our students’ favorites, and we have offered a strong line of treadmills and ellipticals that are always the most sought after during the peak times. The strength equipment has also been incredibly popular, and students have appreciated some of the customization to get our “Plymouth Green” in the weight room to add some really sharp color. The equipment is easy to use, easy to figure out and comes with great diagrams. We have also got compliments on how Matrix uses diagrams of all sorts of people when showing how to use the equipment which is important for our users to see all genders, colors and body types using the equipment.

CR: What do your students love most about Matrix?

DG:  ​I have been truly impressed with Matrix’s commitment to students. They take the time to get to know our students and remember their stories. Last spring, I was invited to the NED Fitness Symposium in Wisconsin and they were excited to have me bring one of my undergraduate student interns, Ally Schwab, on the trip. Ally took the opportunity and was made to feel just as important as the professionals there. She asked great questions and brought back tremendous knowledge to PSU which helped shape our purchasing for the year. Ally was one of the best student employees I’ve ever had work for me. She was awarded the Plymouth State Student Employee of the Year for this year and won the award as The Top Female Student.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were not able to have these ceremonies in person, but both Nick Sweat and Rebecca Peoples jumped on our student employee call where we surprised Ally with the award and they were able to share their praise and congratulations as well.

Ally Schwab: As a student, I love Matrix because of their active involvement in not only providing the best fitness equipment to college campuses, but their endless commitment to providing the best quality programs and care to each and every school they cater to. Matrix is more than just a fitness equipment company. They strive to create bonds with the directors and students at each college they work with. From my personal experience, I have worked with multiple Matrix professionals who have invested in my professional development. They truly care and want to see us succeed at our current college campus and beyond. Matrix is a great company every campus recreation program should want to partner with.

CR: How would you rate Matrix’s customer service and support?

DG: The support and care is like no other. They are responsive to all projects and I feel like I have a true partner in this process. The personal care from Nick, Rebecca and Danny Fontaine has helped bring our program to another level. Their involvement has helped our students understand more about the great things NIRSA can offer, and our students are excited to get involved with those programs because of how Matrix has helped them see the great opportunities out there. They can talk to our students at all different fitness levels and abilities and make them all feel like they can belong.

Our students genuinely matter to them and Nick has done an amazing job to create relationships with so many, and is always looking for ways he can help them succeed. On a few occasions, I’ve called on him to help offer students a different perspective than what I may have and to help encourage them to go after different opportunities. Most recently, he was able to help answer some different questions for Zach Eastman, a Senior Fitness Intern, who was curious about becoming the NIRSA state rep for New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, a position that he ultimately took. As a one-person show, having that type of support from such knowledgeable and genuine fitness professionals has been a game changer. We talk a lot about having our “Rec Family” at PSU and the Matrix team is a true part.

CR: Why should other rec professionals consider working with Matrix?

DG: Matrix is a company who does things the right way. Their team is passionate, hard working, knowledgeable and dedicated, but more importantly, they are incredible people who genuinely care about their partners. Their products are amazing and some of the smoothest and easiest to use in the industry. They are high quality, durable and our students love them. They are built with an inclusive design that will make all types of people want to use them.

The equipment will truly speak for itself, but I cannot say enough great things about the work of their team. This is a team that will truly be on your side and work tirelessly to give your students the best experience possible. The service you get from them is genuine. For Nick to know 25 to 30 students by name, and to take the time to remember their stories and interests, is incredible. It helps them realize just how much their voice matters. Matrix has made a lasting impression on our campus and our student staff. I cannot recommend them enough.

Brittany Howard
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