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Exercisers tend to be creatures of habit, yet often appreciate variety to stay motivated and continue achieving results. Plus, campus rec centers that provide multiple modalities for cardio, strength and flexibility workouts can better attract and retain users. One great new way to do just that is with Octane’s new Max Trainer machine, the MT8000.

While the original Max Trainer machine (MTX) is ideal for HIIT in functional areas and small group training, the new MT8000 is a premium choice for HIIT or steady-state workouts on the cardio floor.

“With the outstanding demand for our Max Trainer machine, we’ve added the new MT8000 to offer rec centers another dynamic, total-body asset for their cardio space,” said Ryan Simat, the general manager and vice president, Ccmmercial and specialty, at Nautilus, Inc.

Simple to use for individuals of varying fitness levels, it provides total-body, low-impact routines and delivers virtually unlimited resistance via a fan and magnetic brake that responds quickly to exercisers’ efforts. MultiGrip handlebars offer custom comfort, with fingertip control adjustments that maximize convenience.

Equipped with Octane’s 10-inch LCD touchscreen smart console, the premium MT8000 is equipped with a new, dynamic calorie meter, which displays instant details on calories burned per minute and the user’s best output, thereby encouraging greater effort.

Exercisers also can select from multiple different feedback screens to customize their motivation, and the console features internet access and several entertainment choices. For even more entertainment selections, facilities can add an optional personal viewing screen or wireless 900 Mhz receiver with integrated keypad controls.

The MT8000 includes the challenging Max 14 Interval workout, a 14-minute rigorous session that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency, along with the new Floors program that builds endurance as users climb the Empire State Building, once or multiple times, from 100 to 1000 floors. Also featured among the 14 workouts are Manual, Random, and Octane’s advanced 30:30 Interval and MMA regimens.

The machine’s compact footprint makes it easy to fit in cardio areas, and facilities can take advantage of asset management technology to evaluate usage, equipment placement and preventative maintenance needs. With Octane’s signature durability, the MT8000 has a compact, heavy-duty frame and requires minimal maintenance.

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