Octane’s Space-Saving MT8000 is a Smart Solution for Campus Rec Centers

Octane Fitness

Photo courtesy of Octane Fitness

Because the coronavirus pandemic has forced campus rec centers to reconfigure their workout space due to social distancing, creativity and flexibility are imperative to accommodate exercisers with fewer pieces of fitness equipment in operation.   

As facilities physically remove cardio machines, or simply take them out of operation, now is an ideal time to reevaluate the overall product mix and potential upgrades. Rarely used pieces may be retired or significantly reduced in quantity while adding new equipment can spark fresh excitement and motivation – which are particularly important as exercisers deal with the restrictions of COVID-19.  

While floor space is always at a premium, campus rec centers today have to be more strategic and selective in how they choose to outfit cardio areas and weight rooms. Social distancing means it’s no longer possible to fill floor space with rows of equipment.  

Campus rec centers should still offer a variety of machines that accommodate all fitness levels and different preferences of exercisers, with an emphasis on space-efficient units where possible. One ideal solution is the Max Trainer (MT8000) from Octane Fitness 

This total-body cross trainer benefits campus rec centers and exercisers in multiple ways: 

  • Intuitive to use with no adjustments so exercisers get on and go.
  • Accommodating for every level exerciser with virtually unlimited fan and brake resistance. 
  • Total-body, low-impact workouts maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Delivers HIIT regimens for functional areas and small group training. 
  • Offers novel option on cardio floor for steady-state or interval workouts. 
  • The compact footprint is smaller than most ellipticals, treadmills and cross-trainers. 
  • Premium console provides dynamic calorie meter and multiple entertainment choices. 

The MT8000 includes the Max 14 Interval workout, a 14-minute rigorous HIIT session that optimizes ROI, along with the 30:30 Interval and MMA intense regimens. The Floors program builds endurance as users climb the Empire State Building, once or multiple times, from 100 to 1,000 floors, for steady-state progressive challenges  

Plus, the space-efficient MT8000 features transport wheels, so it’s easy to move if necessary. With Octane’s signature durability, this heavy-duty unit is built for long-lasting performance and requires minimal maintenance. 

For more information, visit octanefitness.com.

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