Part Two: 2019’s Biggest Cover Story Themes


Continuing to reflect on 2019’s new and improved trends from the years’ cover stories in Part One, Part Two brings even more takeaways and advice to keep with you throughout your 2020 year.



Cover Story: The Gateway to Towson

Who: Towson University

Where: Towson, Maryland

Towson University

January 2019 saw the one-year anniversary of the Burdick Hall expansion.

No longer the box of bricks it once was, it has walls of windows, letting in light and action as a lantern in the heart of campus at Towson. Inside, the building now has 22,000 square feet of fitness space, five studios, three gyms and more. But, it didn’t come without challenges.

Like any project, there were cuts. And one thing that had to go was the track. However, Sheffield found a compromise: a 30-yard sprint hill at 20 percent pitch, with an additional 35 yards of incline leading up to it. Since there’s no track, the hill reaches the top and ends in a small overlook of the functional fitness floor below. “We have this hill to nowhere,” recalled Sheffield, as he looked at the design. “What are we going to do with it?”

That question led to another creative twist. Read it.



Cover Story: The 90 Percent

Who: The University of Connecticut

Where: Mansfield, Connecticut


Busting at the seams is how to describe the University of Connecticut’s (UConn) old recreation center.

At 29,000 square feet, it is dwarfed by the 191,000-square-foot center that has replaced it. Opened in August 2019, it was a four-year project that has led to a complete transformation of operations, services and impact for UConn Recreation.

Cyndi Costanzo, the executive director, and Jay Frain, the director, have been deep in the project. “Transformative” is the word both used to describe it, with a heavy focus on two very specific themes: creating connection and maximizing service. Read it.



Cover Story: A New Vibrancy

Who: Boston College

Where: Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Boston College

Since 1863, Boston College has been growing while staying rooted in its history. But even the historic needs a restoration every once in awhile, livening up history and making it glow once more. And that’s what the Margot Connell Recreation Center did for Boston College’s campus recreation.

At 244,000 square feet, the rec center opened mid-2019 as a state-of-the-art facility for the campus. With an expansive track, basketball and indoor tennis courts, fitness neighborhoods, windows, air conditioning, and more, it brings a new vibrancy to the Boston College campus.

Rebecca Cegledy, the associate athletic director and campus recreation director, said her favorite part about the new center is the windows. “The natural light and views out to campus and the reservoir are amazing,” she said. “It fills me with energy, but also grounds me, and I hope our members are able to have that same experience.” Read it.

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