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Jon Bahr, the vice president of enrollment and marketing at Spring Arbor University, has worked with Matrix Fitness for less than a year, but has been thoroughly impressed with their experience and understanding of the industry. Read more about how Matrix custom solutions can meet your facility needs below.

Campus Rec: How were you introduced to Matrix Fitness, and why did you decide to work with them?

Jon Bahr: We were introduced to Matrix through a consultant we were using to design a new student fitness center. We decided to work with Matrix because the solution offered an exceptionally high-quality product that fit the needs we had. In addition, the flexibility of design within the various machines gave us endless options to meet the needs of our various users.

CR: What are the benefits to your rec center as a result of this partnership?

JB: With new state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to offer exceptional service to our students in the area of health and wellness, and we are able to serve more students at one time. This improvement in our facilities helps us communicate to students that every aspect of their experience here is valued and important, including being able to pursue a healthy lifestyle. This is true for our faculty and staff as well.

CR: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Matrix Fitness in any way?

JB: The attention to detail and the professionalism with which the entire Matrix team handled themselves was remarkable. There was significant time spent understanding our needs, rather than selling us a product. This approach resulted in a fantastic installation and roll-out of the new facility.

CR: What else can you tell other rec center professionals about the benefits of working with Matrix Fitness?

JB: In working with Matrix, you will be working with an organization that wants to customize a solution that meets all of your needs. They have the experience to ask the right questions that will push your understanding of what you can accomplish within your facility. I’d highly recommend them if you are considering any work in your facility.

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