Pentair EZ Reel™ Lane Line Storage for Swim Meets

Pentair EZ Reel

The Pentair EZ Reel is an innovative lane line storage unit that prevents tangles and clumping for improved aquatic facility operations. Using a proprietary lead screw technology, the unit has a traversing guide block that slides side-to-side, keeping lane lines properly aligned while reeling. Fully integrated onto new or existing robust and well-known Paragon lane reels, the traversing guide block automatically moves in each direction with the rotational movement of the reel keeping lane lines neat and orderly.

Its lightweight, rugged all stainless steel construction frame and fastening hardware is optimized for four-inch lane lines. The lane line is constructed with one-inch stainless steel, easy to grip captains’ wheel at each end of the unit to make reeling and transporting very simple. Rugged six-inches tall by two-inches wide swivel casters with double locks help guide the unit easily over separations in deck or rough outdoor terrain. Rigid and lightweight UV resistant plastic panels on each end have soft rubber edges to protect both operator’s hands as well as sensitive lane line components from tangles and damage. The innovative technology incorporated into the EZ Reel also easily adapts to existing Paragon storage reels. It’s an ideal product for any campus aquatic facility that wants organized and efficient storage and handling of lane lines on pool decks. 

 For more information on the Pentair EZ Reel, visit or call 800.831.7133.

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