QR Code Scanning for Improved Asset Management

asset management

Asset management is now a team effort with QR code scanning from Fitness Asset Manager.

Each asset in the fitness facility gets its own identification sticker, complete with a unique QR code. When an exerciser, staff member, or personal trainer notices an issue with a piece of equipment, they simply scan the QR code with their smart phone or web-enabled mobile device to report the issue via a brief form that gets delivered directly to the designated contact at the facility to process service requests.

In real time, facility managers can learn about asset issues in their club and initiate the service cycle. Because FAM provides a robust, online asset management system, all issues registered via the QR scan are logged within that unique product’s record for a comprehensive history of any asset.

Best of all, QR code stickers are available for any asset in a fitness facility regardless of manufacturer, age, or model, meaning every single asset can be tracked in one, simple-to-use asset management program for improved preventative maintenance, informed purchasing, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

From cardio and strength equipment to benches, racks and free weights as well as facility assets like water fountains and lockers, Fitness Asset Manager provides the most comprehensive solution for asset management and on-the-floor reporting of service issues.

For more information about the most robust solution for asset management and the new QR code reporting system, contact Fitness Asset Manager today at sales@fitnessassets.com or 866.344.3870.

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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