Brings Style To Your Campus brings style to your campus as Rec Sport Departments receive free custom online stores for staff to purchase the high performance Under Armour apparel they’ve been missing. provides all Recreation Departments their custom apparel, including Fitness, IM Sports, Aquatics, Outdoor, and Facilities. is perfect to incentivize your staff, build team spirit and provide your student staff with a simplified way to purchase approved department apparel. offers Intramural Sports Athletes a fast and hassle-free way to get custom Team shirts. Captains no longer have to worry about tracking down sizes and payments from their teammates. gives Club Teams a fast and reliable way to customize their Team apparel and receive excusive savings on Under Armour gear. Teams also get a free fundraising store to share with boosters, friends, and family. promotes your programs, generates revenue, and builds excitement with students by providing them a fast and easy way to customize high-quality athletic apparel for the activities they passionately participate (Fitness, Training, Yoga, etc.).

All sites offer FREE online custom store creation. Each school and team receives a dedicated Custom Store Architect to guarantee their online store is built to their satisfaction. Call 800-546-7880 to speak with a Rec Sports Custom Store Architect today.

For more information email, call (800) 546-7880, or visit



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