Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College

Lakewood, CO


Our mission is to inspire holistic wellness by engaging the Red Rocks community in developmental and educational recreation.


Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) student recreation is housed within the 35,000-square-foot Student Recreation Center (SRC). In addition to this facility, student recreation also manages a large field space with a jogging track, two outdoor tennis courts, a walking labyrinth and a sand volleyball court. Within the SRC, there are varieties of physical recreation components including:

  • One basketball court and two half courts composed of multipurpose flooring
  • R&R lounge that provides students a safe place to sleep on campus
  • Outdoor trip planning room that provides students maps and resources to plan trips in Colorado
  • SRC lobby that features massage chairs and a video game lounge
  • 28-foot indoor climbing wall for bouldering, top roping and lead climbing
  • Two fitness studios that host group fitness classes and academic dance courses
  • Weight training zone
  • Cardio training zone
  • Selectorized training zone
  • Functional training zone
  • Stretching and cardio zone


Outdoor Adventure Program: The purpose of the Red Rocks Adventure Program is to provide high quality, comprehensive, student-led, co-curricular outdoor adventure trips that provide accessible, inclusive, and challenging excursions to the students of RRCC, with a focus on student development, holistic wellness and community development. Trips are available to all fee-paying students at a minimal cost and include such activities as rock climbing, backpacking, peak bagging, mountain biking and snowshoeing.

RRCC was recently named the No. 2 Outdoor Adventure College by Elevation Outdoors.

Group Fitness: The FIT-WELL group fitness program has a philosophy that focuses on enhancing individual participant experiences by providing quality fitness and wellness opportunities through social engagement while encouraging physical and mental development, community and lifelong wellbeing. Classes include: Zumba, gentle flow yoga, shamanic healing, vinyasa yoga, indoor cycle, BodyShred and much more.

Personal Training: The FIT-WELL program offers personal training through nationally certified student and contracted trainers. The FIT-WELL personal training program has a philosophy to T.R.A.I.N.:

T: Teach and educate clients on the importance of physical activity fitness on overall health.

R: Reduce risks by ensuring the safety of all training clients through specialized program design.

A: Aim for training success by inspiring clients in reaching their fitness and wellness goals.

I: Integrate an enjoyable yet challenging training program to benefit physical advancement.

N: Nourish and cultivate the personal training program for the purpose of student development.

Intramural Sports: The SRC intramural sports program engages the RRCC community through structured, inclusive, recreational sporting activities, with an emphasis on community development, sportsmanship and wellness. Some popular activities include: archery tag, three vs. three basketball, student vs. staff events, video game tournaments and much more.

Wellness: The student wellness program at RRCC is dedicated to bettering the health and well-being of each student. This program will offer programs that will focus on the six dimensions of wellness, which includes physical, spiritual, social, emotional, environmental and intellectual health. Popular offerings include: reflexology, spa night, wellness/nutrition workshops and much more.

B.I.O.N.I.C: (Believe It or Not I Care) is a program that originated from a local high school that experienced multiple suicides in a short timeframe. The BIONIC program was created to help students feel loved and combat mental health issues that come with difficult life experiences. The SRC and RRCC adopted the program in Fall 2019. The BIONIC team creates care packages for students experiencing mental or physical trauma, sends signed banners to areas that experience mass shootings or severe weather emergencies, and creates opportunities for new students to feel welcome on campus.

Climbing Wall: The SRC houses a 28-foot indoor climbing wall for bouldering, top roping and lead climbing. The wall also hosts many events such as: women’s climb nights, adaptive climb nights, augmented reality, add-on climbing tournaments, bouldering competitions, sport climbing competitions, climbing clinics and more.

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