How a Sasaki Renovation Impressed Wellesley College


Monica Verity, the director of recreation at Wellesley College, shares about partnering with Sasaki in a field house renovation project:

CR: How did you discover Sasaki and why did you decide to partner with them?

MV: The college had a search process for proposals for a field house renovation project. Sasaki was one of the three finalists. We selected them after the interview process based on their level of experience in the industry and their proximity to be present during the duration of the project.

CR: What project did you work with Sasaki on?

MV: A field house renovation and construction of a 4,200-square-foot new fitness center mezzanine

CR: What did you like about working with Sasaki?

MV: Sasaki was creative. They were present, flexible and lead a design team that held many different campus constituents with many different priorities and agendas.

CR: Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you about working with Sasaki?

MV: There were many college decisions and changes that came up during the project. Sasaki was very accommodating and flexible. They were extremely responsive and were able to adapt and make the necessary adjustments to keep on target with the project timeline. Sasaki’s innovativeness, vision and flexibility were paramount in taking recreation and fitness to the next level in the Wellesley College campus community.

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