The TRUE Atlas Group Training System

Atlas Group Training system

The TRUE Atlas Group Training System is the perfect solution to enhance your facility’s existing group training program or help you launch a new and motivating program, customized to your space and needs. The goal of the Atlas is to motivate and inspire members of all fitness levels with high-energy and team-centric training sessions.

The Atlas Group Training System can enhance your facility’s current small group training or help you launch a new dynamic program for increased revenue. This modern, space efficient and fully customizable group training system is designed to accommodate today’s small group training needs. Despite its small footprint, it can house up to 12 stations for the perfect circuit training workout.

Your trainers can implement traditional, corrective and/or functional exercises with the Atlas, thanks to available accessory packages and functional trainer options. Members can also use the Atlas in private personal training sessions or on their own for a more dynamic training experience. The Atlas is versatile and able to suit the needs of members, trainers and owners alike.

Lastly, the Atlas can help organize a given space with its standard storage trays and accessory rack with hangers. This system is designed to meet the performance, reliability and budget demands of today’s fitness facilities.

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