The Summit is the Best Opportunity for Leaders


Continuing education is important for fitness professionals in a variety of roles, especially management. Al Gentilini, the associate director of campus recreation at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, recaps his learning experience at the Campus Rec Leadership Summit and what he likes about the format.

The Campus Rec Leadership Summit is exclusive to 40 of the most influential leaders in the field of collegiate recreation. It is an honor and privilege to sit in a room and collectively discuss current issues, trends and future changes with experts who are your peers and colleagues. It truly is invaluable.

Why It’s Invaluable

Having the smaller number of participants really allows for some great insight, sharing and in-depth conversations. With pre-selected topics, the roundtable discussions are a tremendous opportunity to connect and share very candid thoughts, opinions and ideas that produce very positive results.

Even with the limited number of participants, there was a wide array of experience from various universities of all types. Members from large four-year universities to two-year community colleges left their egos and titles at the door to focus on fostering an environment to learn from each other and expand our field.

Along with the educational aspect, I really appreciated the attention to detail of the event. The organizers were very thoughtful in all planning aspects, including location, accommodations, and activities and networking opportunities. We were provided an environment to relax, recharge and connect. When returning to campus after the Summit, I felt rejuvenated which allowed me to reset and refocus my personal and professional growth.

The Takeaways

I can’t say I had just one specific take away from last year. Due to my role in my new positions and the state of affairs I found the department in, my goal last year was to discuss some general issues I was encountering and ensure I was taking the right steps when building the department on my campus. This year, I do have some specific topics of discussion and am looking forward to addressing them with the group.

For anyone interested in challenging the status quo, growing in their profession and making strong connections, the Campus Rec Leadership Summit is hands down the best opportunity for leaders in our field. This year will be my second year and I cannot wait to go back.

Al Gentilini is the associate director of campus recreation at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. For more information, visit Attendee spots for the 2019 event are full,  but email to be put on the waiting list.

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