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Beachbody LIVE, the group exercise division of Beachbody LLC., offers a variety of pre-designed group fitness formats based on some of the most popular fitness trends. Thriving on results-oriented, inclusive and inspiring workouts, these group fitness formats are carefully designed, tested, and proven to work for people of every age and fitness level. Beachbody LIVE offers:

  • Brands that bring people in. Group fitness can be an acquisition tool when you offer classes that people already know and love. Beachbody LIVE’s brands are amongst the best known to millennials.
  • No licensing fees. Most branded fitness programs require facilities to pay monthly licensing fees to offer their formats; with Beachbody LIVE there is no licensing fee and no specialized equipment to purchase.
  • Predesigned routines. Every workout is designed and prepared with corresponding music, so instructors have everything they need to teach a class. New workouts are released every other month so class-goers never get bored.
  • Something for everyone. Beachbody LIVE offers a full portfolio of formats ranging from strength to cardio, MMA to mind-body. Every workout includes modifications, regressions and progressions to adapt the moves to members of every skill level.

Beachbody LIVE is offering a discounted rate on Instructor Trainings through Campus Rec Magazine. Instead of paying $249, become an instructor in any Beachbody LIVE format for ONLY $99.

To take advantage of this offer, fill out the form at after enrolling in a training, and enter code CAREC2019. Within seven to 10 business days, $150 will be refunded to the card used to purchase the training.

Get to Know the Beachbody LIVE Group Fitness Classes

P90X LIVE is a science-driven cardio and strength workout. This class uses proven training protocols, weights and bodyweight movements through blocks of work focused on cardio, the lower and upper body, and core. This functional workout continues to challenge attendees class after class.

INSANITY LIVE is a high intensity interval training workout. In this class, attendees perform cardio and strength focused intervals. Every INSANITY workout focuses on stability, strength and speed to develop a more agile, coordinated and powerful body.

PiYo LIVE is a mind-body class turned up a notch. This class gives attendees the physical and mental benefits of yoga while sculpting and toning every muscle. With a focus on mind/body connection, flexibility, mobility and core strength, it’s the perfect class for every age and fitness level. ​​​​​​​

Turbo Kick LIVE is the ultimate cardio kickboxing experience. Attendees will sculpt their upper and lower body with kickboxing combinations, build lean muscle with bodyweight moves, and scorch fat with high-intensity interval drills, all while their favorite music tracks set the pace.

CORE DE FORCE LIVE is the high-energy, non-contact group fitness class that mixes MMA-inspired cardio drills with explosive power moves for a full-body conditioning workout. This workout combines boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques with intense interval training to help develop a strong, powerful core and sculpt the entire body.

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