ELEVATE Row ADJ Takes Rowing to Higher Levels


While traditional rowing machines are still rooted in the horizontal position, the ELEVATE Row ADJ is raising the bar by emulating a rowing movement at a higher level. At the forefront of functional training resistance for over 40 years, the concept of gravity-based incline training is familiar to Total Gym. The unique concept for indoor rowing on an adjustable incline that also allows for exercise variations is a different way to train, and it’s revolutionizing the industry with a long-awaited “wow” factor.  

“Campus rec professionals are continuously looking for something new to keep their students engaged. The ELEVATE Row ADJ delivers a tough cardio workout with a big smile. Directors will figure out that if they offer fun, time-efficient, effective workouts, their students will keep coming back,” said Jesse Campanaro, the CEO for Total Gym. “We created a machine that mirrors a rowing pattern with a completely different resistance pattern. It’s the only rower of its kind. You really have to try it to feel the difference.”  

The user benefits from:  

  • Seven levels of incline adjustability for a more challenging workout. 
  • An integrated strength component into a traditional cardio machine. 
  • A smooth, consistent load through the entire range of motion due to loaded concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise. 
  • Multi-planar movement allowing for additional exercises such as bicep curls and an alternating side-to-side row.  
  • Low impact on the joints, especially the lower spine. 
  • Ergonomic design, to perform a correct rowing exercise.  
  • A computer display to track calories burned and distance travelled.  

In a sleek new matte black finish, the ELEVATE Row ADJ helps enhance core stability while strengthening basic muscle groups, and its versatility makes it ideal as part of circuit, small group training, on the cardio deck and as part of group rowing HIIT Training.  

For more information, visit totalgym.com or call 858.764.0034. 

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