TRUE Full Body Press

TRUE Full Body Press

Many strength training machines are built to mimic every day functional body movements and the TRUE Full Body Press is a machine that will help students focus on functional fitness during their workout. Able to fit into any campus recreation center, the Full Body Press replaces numerous upper and lower body exercises in one, fluid movement and helps decrease total workout time. The Full Body Press replaces traditional weight training exercises like squats, thrusters, overhead squats, and chest and shoulder presses. The one concurrent motion the machine makes to help do these movements helps strengthen muscle and burn calories faster.

Being one of three pieces in TRUE’s Composite Strength equipment line, the TRUE Full Body Press activates more skeletal musculature than any other strength machine in the market. In addition, this machine fits users of all sizes with minimal adjustments and features maintenance-free, heavy duty construction to withstand even the busiest campus rec centers. For individuals who may have orthopedic issues or minor injuries and cannot put a lot of weight or pressure on their joints and back, this is still a machine they can use. It will provide these types of users the benefits of traditional weight-bearing exercises in a more controlled manner along with a shorter, self-directed range of motion. In addition to lighter workouts, the Full Body Press can be plate loaded up to 450 pounds for more intense training, giving it the ability to help users perform explosive reps similar to Olympic-style lifts.

TRUE Full Body Press features TRUE’s Composite Motion Technology which provides the integration of functional exercises using controlled movement patterns for a safe and more effective workout experience. The smooth motion will help users have more control over their movement to execute each exercise accurately. In fact, the Full Body Press can be incorporated into any type of workout regimen whether it is a H.I.I.T. circuit or regular weight training session. The innovative design makes it a piece of equipment that can be implemented into any workout program and a number of interval or H.I.I.T. programming principles.

Functional training continues to be a strong fitness trend that will continue for years to come and TRUE’s Composite Strength machines will challenge anyone, no matter what their fitness level is. The TRUE Ab Crunch and Back Row, Glute press and TRUE Full Body Press will provide a unique and dynamic workout experience for any college or university’s recreation center.

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