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Life Fitness

Life Fitness gets the world moving in order for people to lead active, healthy lives. By leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of brands ranging from traditional fitness solutions like Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Cybex; SCIFIT for rehab; InMovement for healthy workspaces; and Brunswick Billiards for active recreation, we support customers who share our mission. Our nearly 50 years of heritage is built upon creating the highest quality fitness equipment and offering dedicated and knowledgeable service.

Sean Ries, the Director of Campus Recreation at the University of Alabama Birmingham shares his experiences working with the company.

How were you introduced to Life Fitness and why did you decide to partner with them?

SR: I have been using Life Fitness equipment since 1998 when I was at Ashland University. When I got to Cleveland State University which is a Centers LLC site we had a corporate agreement with Life Fitness to work with them at a better rate. So, after this I moved to the University of Alabama Birmingham, which is also a Centers site and we were able to save the university money with purchasing Life Fitness equipment. This is key for us and something we bring to UAB is the corporate rates we get compared to what the university can get. Also, we respected and liked their equipment. So, with the corporate deal we have been able to establish a great working relationship and get a lot of great equipment.

What are the benefits to your recreation center and to your students as a result of the partnership?

SR: We are able to purchase more quality equipment due to this strong relationship and corporate relationship. So, because of this our students get newer equipment and cutting edge equipment that they might not get without the Centers and Life Fitness agreement.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Life Fitness in any way?

SR: They have been great to work with and are very interested in our satisfaction and operation. They will go above and beyond to help us get what we need. An example is if we need layout for a facility or new project they don’t charge us for this work, they do it because of our relationship.

What else can you tell other recreation professionals about the benefits of working with Life Fitness?

SR: The conversations I have with my NIRSA peers is we are extremely happy with the durability of the equipment and they have anything you need when it comes to plate loaded, cardio or free weight equipment. They have done a nice job of keeping up with all current trends of having a piece of equipment to meet your campus needs. Also, our students enjoy the Life Fitness equipment because it is on the floor and available.

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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