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Archery Tag

Archery Tag® combat archery  is the fastest growing sport of its kind around the globe. This adrenaline filled co-ed team sport is similar to dodgeball; but players use bows and special non-lethal foam-tipped arrows to hit the other teams players, knock out opponent’s target spots, or attempt to catch arrows mid-flight; making this a perfect fit for any rec or intramural programs:

  • Fast-paced action
  • Good workout
  • Great team building activity
  • Appeals to all skill levels
  • Can be played virtually anywhere
  • Small footprint
  • Minimal staff needed
  • Low startup cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Gender neutral
  • No archery experience necessary
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Very competitive
  • Excellent spectator sport
  • Safe

The game rules are simple:  Two teams of five occupy the field and are separated by a 20 foot Safe Zone. At the beginning of the game each team starts from from their respective end lines and sprints to the center of the field. There they grab arrows, return to their side of the field, dodging and ducking behind “bunkers” while trying to eliminate their opponents. When playing a standard Elimination game, players are “out” when struck by an opponent’s arrow and remain on the sideline until they are brought back into play. A teammate who is “out” can be brought back into the match when a teammate catches an opponents’ arrow, or knocks out a spot from the other team’s 5-spot target.  The team with the most remaining players and targets wins!

Since the creation of this awesome new sport back in 2011, Archery Tag has spread around the globe and is now currently played in 58 countries and continues to expand its global footprint each week. This exciting team sport is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and skill levels and has a phenomenal safety record, without the injuries that are common with other sports. Archery Tag is not your typical sport and has the “cool factor”, making students want to try it! Dodging arrows, ducking for cover behind  bunkers, and running to get extra arrows,  leaves players breathing hard with a smile on their face. Teamwork and strategy, along  with the added benefit of a great cardio workout, make this a great activity for challenging students in a safe manner and keeping them  fit and active. No matter what your experience or skill lever, this game appeals and challenges every player that steps on the field.

John Jackson, Founder & CEO of Global Archery Products, creator of Archery Tag, has been involved in archery for many years and has been shooting a bow for the past 45 years. His passion for archery led him to develop the “non-lethal arrow” in early 2011. Most of the products for Archery Tag are developed and manufactured in Indiana where the company is located.  Archery Tag® is a registered trademark of Global Archery Products, Inc.


Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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