What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

Drexel University

Recognizing ambition is the goal of the latest video filmed by Drexel University’s campus recreation.

For the past six weeks, Andrew Case, the manager of sales and marketing for the department of athletics at Drexel University, and his team of part-time student marketing employees, have been filming a video that looks to represent the idea of recognizing student ambition. It highlights the offerings and opportunities within recreational athletics that help students better themselves.

“Recognize” is a brief video that tells the story of four students who are faced with their first interview after graduation and the question, “What is your greatest weakness?”

“Before answering that question of weakness, the video sends you into the rec center where you begin to see the characters build strength, confidence and recognition in their capabilities,” said Case. “It’s a really fantastic visual I haven’t seen accomplished before in recreation.”

Case and his team specifically chose their release date to reach a varied audience the week of graduation. “This will allow students to reflect on their time on campus; promote the university to incoming students so they are aware of the wellness and health offerings on campus; and will inform parents and guardians of prospective students that through the use of recreation on campus, their kids don’t have to go straight from their dorm to class,” elaborated Case.

The use of video marketing at Drexel has been very helpful for the campus rec department in creatively expressing how big of an impact it can have on the college experience. In a previous video also written and directed by Case – called “Find Your Rhythm” – the incorporation of musical artists represented the universal language among students and the experiences they go through on campus, as well as within the walls of the recreation center.

In “Recognize,” Case and his team are able to reach a broader audience by focusing on not only what happens within the walls of the rec center, but also on how it makes a lasting impact on students even after graduation. Matthew Kopyt, a video editor and actor, aimed to show his own perspective as a graduating senior through this use of digital marketing.

“I’m starting to do these interviews and be asked these really reflective questions like, ‘what is your greatest weakness,’ and ‘what are some of your strengths,’” said Kopyt. “My experience at Drexel contributed to those aspects of my life and my personal development throughout undergrad. A huge part of that development was the rec center, and what we’re doing with this video is showing how recreational athletics can play a role in your personal development and essentially help you become the best version of yourself and succeed in other aspects of life.”

Other than reaching a broad audience and promoting the rec center, this use of digital marketing also helps student staff practice their skills and work on collaboration among peers, another useful tool after graduation.

“Drexel really emphasizes collaboration outside the classroom for a lot of projects in your career, whether it be work study or internships,” said Kevin Louie, a campaign coordinator and actor. “We have a very diverse team in terms of majors and skill sets. Especially in a video like this, it is impossible to not be collaborative, and I think the team and the skills we all have here promotes a very inclusive and collaborative environment to work with.”

When creating any type of marketing content, Kopyt emphasizes the importance of why. “I think a lot of times it’s easy to focus on the what or how, but what we really need to ask in marketing is why are we doing what we’re doing and why students are participating in recreational activities and how can we tap into those motivations and create content that’s going to inspire them to continue taking on those healthy habits and taking care of themselves,” he said.

Brittany Howard
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