The Secret to Keeping Hardwood Sport Floors Like New

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Have you ever been in the stands watching a basketball game or on the court playing and thought, “There is no way this floor is older than me. No way.”

What’s the secret in keeping hardwood sport floors in tip-top shape? No secret, really. Common sense, and proper and regular maintenance come into play. To keep your investment in peak performance, safe for players and looking beautiful, follow this game plan:

  1. Select the right floor system. Do your research and scout out different floor systems. Talk to industry experts. Visit sites. It is key to have a floor system align with the purpose of the facility.
  2. Partner with a MFMA certified installer to ensure they are properly trained on sport floor installations and maintenance.
  3. Take preventive measures at the facility site.
    1. Position doormats at the entrances of both the building and gym. This will minimize snow, water, salt and other debris from entering the gym.
    2. Wipe up water and spills immediately.
    3. Monitor the Relative Humidity (RH) levels in the gym. Keep it between 35 to 50 percent to prevent shrinkage of floors, plus cracking and chipping of game lines and finish.
    4. Maintain the indoor temperature at 55 to 75 degrees.
  4. Follow a daily cleaning schedule.
    1. Dust mop the floor daily before and after events using a non-oil dust mop treatment. This will eliminate leaving a residue on the court. Leave the bleacher area for last so you don’t spread the oils from popcorn and other debris onto the main court.
    2. Make sure the dust mop is only used in the gymnasium. Mops used in the hallways can transfer wax and other materials onto the gymnasium floor and make it slippery.
    3. Replace the pads on the mop at approximately every third of the floor
    4. After dust mopping, clean the floor with a cleaner recommended for gymnasium use. These specialized cleaners are mixed with water and designed to perform the necessary cleaning while evaporating quickly. Simply using water increases the chance of water damage.
    5. NEVER use an auto scrubber on your hardwood floor.
  5. Follow a monthly cleaning schedule.
    1. Clean the floor with intensive cleaning on a monthly basis, or as needed based on the level of use. A monthly cleaning is more aggressive and will attack the build-up that accumulates over time.

Contract with a certified installer for Steps 6 and 7.

  1. Over time, flooring boards may crack, warp, cup, etc. Repair boards as issues arise.
  2. Refinish floors for that new floor look.

Proper and routine maintenance is essential for keeping your floors safe for the players and beautiful for the spectators.

For questions on what products to use, consult your certified hardwood flooring contractor.


By Tim Valder, the northeast regional sales manager for Aacer Sports Flooring. Contact him at or by calling 715.410.8794.

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