Customizing a Rec Center to Believe In

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Your school’s unique character shines through its students, its staff and its facilities. Strong community ties cultivated by campus activities instills pride in one’s educational successes and overall collegiate experience. Matching that spirit with a well-outfitted, customized rec center adorned with your school’s insignia gives students a place to engage with people they identify with, and gives your staff a sense of ownership over the quality products and services they provide.

Welcoming and purposeful school facilities ultimately allow campus community members a chance to be a part of something they believe inRealizing one’s identity heavily ties into the formative years of higher education, and to give students a recreation space to explore theirs while being immersed in the founded identity they chose to embrace by attending your university, is an opportunity that will pay dividends in the end.  

Rec facilities and fitness equipment emblazoned with your school name, colors and logos also adds a next level wow factor to your investment, making the rec center stand out as a highly valued recruiting tool. Aspiring athletes looking to join a team can feel empowered and motivated by the culture and character. Rec regulars or beginners can find outlets to perfect their niche. A custom space not only fosters team pride, but also community pride. A supportive community poses advantages in purchasing decisions as community members are typically involved in the planning for school improvements.  

The mention of equipment customization typically makes people think of the cosmetics — custom colors and logos. However, you can go the extra mile to create an inclusive space when intentionally purchasing multifunctional equipment that can transform to the needs of many users. Athletics and recreation can mesh to offer options for both a beginner and an advanced user. Optimizing your product mix for the space and depth of your facility is an advantage of custom-built equipment, and they can be re-built in new configurations over time, allowing your center to change the function and form without having to purchase equipment.  

In choosing to customize your facilities, both students and community members alike can walk in, be in awe of the presentation and identify with the community roots they’ve grown to be proud of. With pride comes name and brand recognition, expanding into your community and beyond to prospects interested in your school’s identity. Promoting your rec initiatives can be made easy when your equipment speaks for itself. Aesthetically pleasing and multipurpose equipment motivates community members of any skill level to use your facilities, reach for their goals and be proud to do so. 

Written in collaboration by the Matrix Marketing team. They can be reached at, or the Matrix Fitness USA Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram page.  

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