How Precor Equipment is Meeting Needs

Precor equipment

It all began with a power rack.

Marc Falkenstein, the director of recreation at the University of the Pacific, said their partnership with Precor and Commercial Fitness Equipment started when they demoed the piece of equipment to their members. “We received so many positive pieces of feedback we knew we had identified the right partner when it came to fitness equipment,” he said.

Six months later when they were ready to replace cardio equipment, Falkenstein said they knew Precor equipment was their best choice. “Erik Richter and Chad May from Commercial Fitness made the process seamless in working with our institution and their company,” he said.” We currently have Precor treadmills, ellipticals, AMT’s, selectorized equipment and most recently within the last two months purchased four Assault AirRunner treadmills.”

Read how Precor understood and met the University of the Pacific’s needs when it comes to recreation equipment:

CR: How did you discover Precor?

MF: I first discovered Precor through the NIRSA Expo early in my career in NIRSA. During my time at Sacramento State, our fitness team ordered equipment from Precor, and this was my first real in-depth exposure to Precor equipment. I was introduced to Erik Richter from Commercial Fitness Equipment at the NorCal State Workshop in 2016; he was outstanding in providing information about the respective products from Precor and really understood the needs of our department as we went through a cardio equipment purchase.

CR: Why did you decide to partner with Precor?

MF: Our department decided to partner with Precor because we felt they were the best products for our membership and facility users. We were looking for equipment we knew would stand up to the use our facility generates, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The look of the equipment, technology and backend user functionality associated with the Preva software played a significant role in our decision to partner with Precor.

CR: How has this partnership benefited your rec center?

MF: We have seen usage numbers increase in our facility, and with the Preva software, we have been able to track the use of each individual piece of cardio equipment. This has allowed our department to monitor equipment usage and ensure we keep balance to the use of all of our equipment.

CR: Is there anything that has pleasantly surprised you about working with Precor?

MF: The equipment has exceeded my expectations and our members’ expectations from Day One. Some of the equipment is over a year old and still looks like it did on the day it was delivered.

Heather Hartmann
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