Sasaki Helps Bring Stony Brook’s Vision to Life

Stony Brook

In October 2012, Stony Brook University’s Watler J. Hawrys Campus Recreation Center was completed.

Offering 85,000 square feet to recreate in, Stony Brook partnered with Sasaki to bring the dream to reality. Pouring forth their knowledge of architecture, landscaping and interior design, Sasaki delivered. About 2,000 users are in the center daily, and they utilize the three-court gym, a multi-activity court, three wellness studios, the fitness floor, an indoor track and more. The school’s undergraduate enrollment is about 17,000.

The project cost $37.5 million and offers space to both open recreation and club sports. With 100 pieces of cardiovascular equipment, and 17,000 square feet of free-weight, fitness, cardio and stretching space, there’s a lot to offer. Plus, students can take advantage of 60 fitness classes per week. Stony Brook employs about 250 students in its rec center.

Director Jay Souza spoke with Campus Rec about the project and their partnership with Sasaki. Read below what he had to say about partnering with the architect and design firm:

How did you discover Sasaki?

JS: They were the architect of our facility. This was determined before I arrived in 2012 and the facility was nearing completion.

What do you like about partnering with Sasaki and why?

JS: Good understanding of function, flow and facility systems. They were very easy to work with and are adept at this type of construction.

Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you about working with Sasaki?

JS: Probably working with the Sasaki folks. They were very receptive and helpful as I continued to inquire about change orders toward the end of the project.

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