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To fill a welcoming recreation facility with purposeful and accessible equipment, placing trust in a supplier who listens to and understands its community is invaluable. Seek out a supplier who advises on equipment with the intent of offering proper solutions for the campus community to be successful in achieving all wellness goals.   

The most impactful suppliers create relationships with both rec staff and student leaders, forming a partnership rather than one strictly transactional or equipment focused. A partnership with mutual respect and attentiveness is crucial to filling a center with intentional, beneficial equipment, ultimately moving the recreation mission forward.

Vendors who genuinely care about strengthening a big-picture partnership eagerly become involved in the student experience. Not only will student leaders become knowledgeable about the equipment and its features, but the right suppliers will invest in students’ professional development. Accreditation options, invitations to networking events and other resume-building opportunities introduce the future fitness leaders to industry associations and other connections.

As students develop into their professional roles, a supplier team can applaud their collegiate successes and advancements into the industry. College pro-staff understand student leaders forming these professional relationships early in a career builds network, eases their transition into an industry role and ultimately exemplifies a campus’ efforts in preparing them for post-grad success.

An educated partner will also take the proper care in offering inclusive equipment, messaging and marketing support with an understanding the center supports and encourages all campus community members to take part in recreation activities. The physical and mental health benefits of activity, for any skill level, are integral to aiding academic success and healthy habits. Recreation spaces and virtual offerings, which successfully promote exercise as a holistic health benefit, invite students and staff alike to improve quality of life. Vendors are positioned to help support and promote these wellness initiatives.

During recent COVID-19 reopening plans, it is apparent the hours of deeply mindful and highly choreographed measures recreation staff put into creating a welcoming return for students each semester. Impressive, but not surprising. Should each of us be so lucky to have the same level of dedication and pride in our work. Find a company who recognizes and is inspired by their partner’s passion to guide campus physical and mental well-being.

Rebecca Peoples is the collegiate recreation – east region manager at Matrix Fitness and can be reached at

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