Octane Trifecta Provides Exercisers with New HIIT Experience

Octane Fitness

Octane Fitness, a Nautilus brand, is presenting fitness facilities and exercisers with a new cardio package that adds variety and motivation for small group training, HIIT, circuit workouts and more. As the company debuts its new Octane Rō rowing machine, the Octane Trifecta is now available and comprised of the Octane Rō rowerOctane Max Trainer cardio machine and the Octane AirdyneX bike. 

The powerful Octane Trifecta is a one-stop-shop, so fitness centers can meet the demand for functional training, and potentially boost revenue and retention with a collection of intuitive, challenging and compact exercise equipment,” said Jim Barr, the CEO of Nautilus, Inc 

Unique HIIT Product Package 

The combination of the Octane Rō, Max Trainer and AirdyneX exercise machines differentiates fitness facilities and invites participation from exercisers of various abilities. This durability benefits users with ease-of-use and intuitive movements; total-body, low-impact exercise; progressive resistance; similar consoles with motivating feedback; and challenging variety.  

Refining the overall experience, the Octane Rō features patent-pending quick-release foot strapthat enable exercisers to efficiently insert their feet onto the footplate and pull up the handle for a secure fitFor an easy exit, a simple push of a button releases the straps. 

Beginners to athletes benefit from total-body, low-impact Octane Rō workouts, as combined fan and magnetic brake resistance delivers a broader range of intensity levels to accommodate easy rows to grueling HIIT sessions. Users can choose from six preset programs, including the Max 14 Interval routine, made popular by the Max Trainer cardio machine. 

Even more, the large LCD console is backlit for readability, and features an addictive calorie meter that motivates exercisers to keep pushing. 

Simple to get on and get going, the Max Trainer cardio machine has no required adjustments and offers instant intensity changes, inspiring exercisers to challenge themselves by keeping an eye on the same type of calorie meter as the Octane Rō rowerEasily accessible HIIT routines include the Max 14 Interval and MAX CiRCUIT. 

The premium AirdyneX bike enhances the traditional air bike with a custom-designed, 26-blade performance fan and single-stage belt drive, which together increase efficiency so riders can generate more power. Exercisers enjoy greater variety in hand positions with the MultiGrip handlebarsHIIT programs to help drive effort and an addictive tachometer that fuels motivation to bury the needle.

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