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Myrum Washington-White

In a special Virtual Roundtable from Campus Rec Magazine, panelists were specifically looking to answer questions around how to initiate conversations about race and racism; defining and exhibiting “ally” on your campus; and practical steps to take to impact EDI via campus recreation.

Three questions from the audience did not get answered, so panelist Myrum Washington-White, the director of Athletics at St. Cyril of Alexandria School, has answered them here.

Question 1: What type of advice would you give to folks about “how” they show up in spaces and conversations as they lean into this work? Could you share behaviors allies should really focus on unpacking as they’re learning?

Mirum Washington-White: I think this quick article sums it up — How to Be a Better Ally for Your Black Coworkers.

Question 2: What are white behaviors/styles that might not be effective and what is effective?

MWW: I can engage in passionate discussion but in times such as these I try my best to find identified experts who can lean in on the subject matter. These resources provide some darn good insight: 

Question 3: How do you believe campus rec can become more equitable for students who marginalized identities? Are there ways beyond working with campus partners to create a safe space single identity/affinity space within our programs and services?

MWW: As often as I can, I try to create research based answers to questions. This way my passion does not color the lens that I look through. See if this helps. If not let me know — How to Create Inclusive Environments for Black Students on Predominantly White Campuses.

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