Schwinn AC Power: Real Power. Real Results.


Schwinn indoor cycling is based on one simple principle: we believe that riding a bike indoors should feel as much like riding an outdoor bike as possible. We love the way bikes feel, we love the way they sound and we love the great workout they can provide. Cycling is the No.2 most-popular fitness activity in the world, so we know a lot of people feel the same way. 

Packed with all of the best-in-class features of Schwinn’s top tier indoor bikes, the new AC Power takes your authentic cycling riding experience to a whole new level. Schwinn Power bikes come with the amazingly accurate 4iiii® crank arm powermeter, which uses patented 3D strain gauge technology for accurate, reliable and consistent data. View all of your metrics on the new Echelon2G console, powered by a built-in generator, preventing the continuous need to replace batteries.  

Schwinn is committed to providing indoor cycling enthusiasts with a truly authentic riding experience, from using carbon blue technology to mimic the feel of the chain on a road bike, to offering the most accurate power meter on the market. 

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