SubItUp Integration with IMLeagues

SubItUpSubItUp, the leading online employee scheduling platform for campus recreational facilities, has advanced its support of intramural game scheduling via its new integration with IMLeagues, the collegiate intramural league management platform.

IMLeagues is the second integration for intramural game scheduling announced by SubItUp, and joins Sportifik as an additional integration option available to intramural game planners.

Coordinators who use IMLeagues can look to SubItUp to integrate and upgrade seamlessly one critical piece of planning – intramural sports programs – into a comprehensive campus rec event and employee scheduling program.

The SubItUp – IMLeagues partnership is grounded in a mutual commitment of providing dedicated customer support that transcends the typical standards of “problem-resolution” customer service.

SubItUp has long been recognized for evolving technical solutions to specific customer requests into features with value for the entire campus rec scheduling market. Similarly, IMLeagues is known for taking customer suggestions and turning them into features to improve the ease of their platform’s ability to schedule intramural games.

Easy and Efficient Integration

Now, it’s possible to easily and efficiently combine the scheduling of intramural officials and campus rec staff for league games via this direct link between the two companies.

SubItUp users can readily access the link via the Staff Tool, so there’s no need for planners to change their approach to scheduling staff and events.  Intramural games are imported into SubItUp, including dates and locations. After import, SubItUp allows for additional locations to be added manually.

Using the SubItUp Staff Tool, coordinators can assign intramural officials and employees to games manually, or by using the time-saving SubItUp templates. After generating the schedule, they can review assignees and game details – even the costs of the officials.

But as experienced coordinators can tell you, when scheduling campus events – and in particular intramural league games – sorting through times, places and employees is only part of the challenge. Communicating those details is often a job in and of itself.

SubItUp users have come to rely on the platform’s ability to do more than inform employees about shift details via the employee online calendar. It also messages employees in real time to help them arrive at the shift promptly and prepared.

IMLeagues alleviates the burden of communicating intramural game details to the many team captains or other participants who otherwise would need to contact the coordinator individually to confirm times and locations or process league payments.

Often referred to as the “Facebook of intramural sports”, IMLeagues empowers players to manage the details of their league participation through a graphical and engaging interface that also provides team standings, scores and other vital statistics.

Take a Deep Breath.  Exhale.  Repeat.

Campus rec schedulers who use SubItUp often take a deep breath of relief when their shift planning is completed quickly and efficiently, and they can go back to concentrating on staff development.

Now, they can take a second deep breath of relief knowing that IMLeagues has dramatically reduced the time to manage intramural games – while improving the fun for participants.

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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