Tea Time Tuesday with Willamette University

Tea Time Tuesday

Every week on Tuesday from February 9 until May 4, Campus Recreation at Willamette University is hosting Tea Time Tuesday.

Topics of interest are provided to the students at this time. And the focus and desire of the offering is to support health and wellness during the spring semester. Students can come with a tea or appropriate hot beverage of choice to connect and engage with each other. They get connection while also being supported in mental and physical well-being.

“The hope is to build community — we’ve had two to eight people at each,” said Tony Stafford, the director of Campus Recreation. “And also to provide general, fun and engaging topics to help with health and wellness.”

A Deeper Look at Tea Time Tuesday

While the staff creates the topics, Stafford also asks for students to submit any specific topics of interest they might have. Two of the topics have included:

  • February 16, 2021 — Come dream and learn about how to travel the world via backpacker-style travel. The speaker has spent up to three years traveling through South America, Europe, some of Africa, North America and Central America. Come learn some tips of the trade on how to travel the world on a shoestring budget.
  • February 23, 2021 — Exploring Eastern Oregon. Come check out some places to go for a weekend of exploring or spring break options. Eastern Oregon has a lot to offer. Our speaker, Avi Valdez, will be presenting on the great state of Oregon.

Other topics will include:

  • Journaling for Mental Health
  • Gila the Therapy Dog: Come Learn Techniques to Train Your Pup
  • Changing a Flat Tire

Here’s a snapshot of the registration/information page:

Tea Time Tuesday

If you are looking to do something similar on your campus, Stafford’s biggest piece of advice is to keep it relaxed, fun and focused on well-being. “My suggestion is to just commit to doing something that is relaxed and any self-help kind of things,” he said. “It’s not mandatory or pressured to attend.”

So, keep it simple and keep the conversation flowing. You never know who you might impact with a Tea Time Tuesday like Willamette’s offering.

EXTRA CREDIT: One of the ways many schools have risen to the occasion during the pandemic to address having unique well-being offerings is through creating virtual programs. Read it.

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