Preva Networked Solutions


Deliver top entertainment, personalized features and customized branding with Preva Networked Solutions for PrecorPreva offers the freedom, flexibility, and collaboration you need to gain a competitive edge, including a standard offering of popular apps on Precor cardio equipment with touchscreen consoles. 

Precor cardio equipment and consoles are expertly designed and crafted with exercisers in mind. Consoles are designed for moving environments, positioned at the ideal height and angle, with an intuitive and elegant user interface and large, easy-to-tap tiles.  

Bring your brand to life with customizable walk-up screens and welcome screens. Customize the exerciser experience with popular media and entertainment apps, including Netflix and Spotify. And with the stunning, interactive training of RunTV, your exercisers can challenge themselves in some of the world’s most iconic locations. Single sign-on, plus Bluetooth sign-in and headphone support will provide a convenience that will delight exercisers. 

Motivate exercisers to reach their goals with a Preva personal account. They can set and track weekly workout goals, receive achievement badges and compete at the highest level. Plus, you can use data from exerciser activity reports to identify exercisers’ interests, and then inform them via the console of other activities, classes and contests that they might enjoy. Use data to measure the results of contests that use networked cardio, and the asset management solutions will keep your uptime high and your frustrations low. 

Deliver a next-level fitness experience with intuitive design, dynamic entertainment, interactive workouts, goal setting and incentives. It’s your platform, your way. 

Brittany Howard
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