Features to Want in Your Next Management Software Partner

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Recreation and Wellness (RecWell) started using InnoSoft Fusion as their management software partner in the summer of 2017.

According to Julie Faulkner, the director of membership outreach, the decision to use Fusion came down to a few key aspects. “The ease of use for staff and that online sales were easy for patrons,” she said. “Fusion had a good reputation with other higher education institutions, and it worked with our current biometric set up.”

With management software being not only internal, but also customer-facing, you want to make the best first impression you can. A software that runs smoothly both online and in-person attributes to a successfully running department.

For Faulkner, Fusion provides a number of features that keep her department successful:

  • Fusion allows for biometrics, so members can scan their hands at turnstiles rather than waiting in line to have their ID swiped. This cuts down on wait time for the customer and requires fewer staff members to manage the check-in area.
  • Student and staff data can be imported into Fusion which allows RecWell to auto assign memberships for fee paying patrons.
  • Via the online sales portal, customers are able to purchase program registrations, memberships, etc. at their convenience and without waiting in line.
  • Fusion gives RecWell plenty of metrics, and if there are reports that don’t have the data the staff is looking for, tech support will assist in building custom reports.

If your department is in the market for a new management software partner, Faulkner suggested having a diverse group of staff review the software options. “Each programmatic area is going to be looking for something different, and while no system will have every wish-list item, you need to have people from each area involved to see which option will check off the most,” she elaborated.

In addition to thinking about your first impression to patrons, you want to consider how they will continually use the software you chose. Take the time to step into the end-user’s shoes, including temporary and seasonal employees.

Before finally deciding on your next management software partner, make sure the tech support your team wants and needs will be available. And that means asking three final key questions. “What does their tech support look like? “asked Faulkner. “How long does it take for them to respond to questions and inquiries? Do they take ideas into consideration for future upgrades?”

Brittany Howard
Brittany is an editor at Peake Media. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com

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