How to Make Money with Scoreboard Advertising


Buying stuff is fun, isn’t it? Big, small, cheap, expensive, it doesn’t matter — getting something is great. But there’s always that part everyone hates: parting with money to obtain a cool new thing.

How do people deal with that? You can’t steal; it’s illegal, so that isn’t an option. What if you used this new purchase to make back your money and create a steady revenue? Now, that’s a good idea — advertising and marketing.

Using a Scoreboard for Advertising

Creating a reliable and consistent advertising program is essential for the modern-day sporting organization. Although it is not a new concept, it is one that often isn’t utilized to its fullest in programs. Sporting events are full of what businesses want the most: the attention of locked-in, emotionally-charged people. But how can businesses show the audience what they have to offer?

What about that fancy new scoreboard, PA system and/or streaming software that was just purchased? That’s exactly how. With enough creativity and drive, these media devices can practically print out money, and that’s not even the best part. When done properly, communities can experience much growth thanks to the money going toward businesses as well as the sporting organizations. 

A scoreboard is great for advertising and sponsored messages. People are always looking at it for the time or score, and the only real limits of what can be displayed depend on the creativity of the user:

  • Sponsored graphics can be shown at any time.
  • Full commercials could be played at halftime.
  • Sponsored replays are also quite common.

If video boards are a bit out of the budget, most entry-level scoreboards will offer a scrolling message display that can be utilized for messages. PA systems are great for smaller programs that are maybe on the move more frequently or don’t have a “home” of their own. Sponsored announcements and ad reads are very common and can be staples of a program. COVID-19 can’t even seem to stop a determined advertiser. There have been cases of utilizing live streaming technology to not only allow people to view sporting events but also sponsored content from businesses as well.

Plan Ahead and Test it Out

Before reaching out to businesses about advertising, plan out and test everything. Create enough spaces for there to be a diverse range of sponsored content — but not too much to avoid annoying spectators. Also, make sure the pricing is fair. This is a two-way relationship after all, and the idea is for everyone involved to benefit. Plus, monetary exchanges are not the only form of payment. Don’t be afraid to negotiate other forms of payment; it could be potentially more beneficial in some cases. Once everything is addressed and organized, unleash the inner Wolf of Wall Street and sell some ad spaces.

Now that sporting events are beginning to start back up again, local advertising is an extremely effective source of income for a program when done correctly. Do not be afraid to develop business relationships, because no matter how big or small your program is, you have the resources available to allow growth and development for not only your program but also other members of your campus community.

Nolan Radloff is the marketing director for International Sports Timing. He can be reached at or at 

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