Insights from 2018’s Top Read Stories


Another new year, another chance for reflection. From the many industry experts we talked to in 2018, we’ve gathered some valuable insights for our stories — insights we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you!

Below, you’ll find a list of the top 10 most read stories from 2018. We hope you’ll be able to glean some new insights from these golden oldies:

1. Strength and Conditioning Certifications: Which is Best for You?

The strength and conditioning profession is dynamic, and it is critical potential candidates understand the many differences between various certifications.

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2. Facebook Carousel and Canvas Ads Explained

If you’re new to social media promotion, Carousel and Canvas Ads on Facebook can seem a bit confusing. To help clear up the confusion, we’ve broken down the differences between the two and their benefits.

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3. The Pros and Cons of Opening your Facility to the Local Community

There are certainly benefits to opening your rec center to the surrounding community, but there are also risks to consider. In this story, a few campus recreation directors discuss the pro and cons of opening your recreation facility to the local community.

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4. What’s All the Racquet About?

Due to declining popularity, many campus recreation departments are getting rid of dedicated racquetball spaces. However, it might be worth keeping, and Baylor’s Kim Scott explains why.

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5. Special Feature: An Innovative Way to Increase Student Engagement

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the University of Dayton officially launched the On Your Path to 30 program as a way to encourage student engagement in Campus Recreation.

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6. What to do with Your Racquetball Court? A Look at Current and Future Fitness Trends

Michael Lagomarsine, the fitness director at the University of South Carolina, shares trends he’s seeing in campus recreation and how rec centers can stay ahead of the curve.

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7. Lessons in Leadership: Admit When You Are Wrong

No one likes to be wrong. It is almost programmed into our human nature to want to be right — but this isn’t a good quality to have. It’s important to know when you should admit you’re wrong.

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8. Decentralized Command

Decentralized command is the idea that every individual department must have its own leaders who understand their personal missions as well as the overarching mission. In their book, “Extreme Ownership,” U.S. Navy SEAL Officers Jocko Willink and Leif Babin discuss this notion.

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9. The Benefits of Being an Intramural Official

In college, the majority of students engage in intramural sports to actually play. However, there are numerous benefits in being an intramural official, as discussed by Brian Mills at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

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10. LSU Partners with Matrix Fitness

After its massive renovation, Louisiana State University partnered with Matrix Fitness. Laurie Braden, the executive director of university recreation, shares her experience.

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Bobby is a former staff writer at Peake Media.

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