Why You Need to Consider a Vulcanized Floor


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There are many options to consider when choosing a floor for your facility, and one that is gaining momentum is vulcanized flooring because it checks off the boxes of user experience and athletic performance.

What is a vulcanized floor? Vulcanization was developed in the early 19th century, largely through the efforts of tire magnate Charles Goodyear who was awarded his patent on June 15, 1844.

Vulcanization is a process that converts rubber or similar polymers into a more durable and long-lasting product. By using heat and pressure, the crumb rubber material is modified and forms a cross-linking structure between the polymer chains. Essentially, it forms one single piece of rubber like a tire.

A vulcanized floor has many qualities. One is durability because as a single sheet of rubber, it is three to four times stronger. It’s also non-absorbent, so you can be confident when perspiration and other liquids spill on the floor they will not absorb, which can cause odor issues and prevent bacteria such as MRSA. It also provides excellent traction that prevents slips and falls. Last but not least, it’s very simple and easy to clean. Simply use a mop.

How can you tell the difference between a vulcanized floor and one that is not? A simple test of pouring water onto the floor. After 30 minutes, if the water has not been absorbed and remains on top of the rubber, then it’s vulcanized.

When choosing a flooring for your fitness facility, ensure the decision is conducive to the type of fitness that will be performed in the area. A performance-oriented, injury preventing, durable and easy-to-maintain rubber flooring will be the best long-term investment for any high-traffic and high-intensity fitness facility. Look for a vulcanized floor to best suit your needs and those of your athletes.

Emerie Brine is the brand manager at North West Rubber. For more information, email emerieb@northwestrubber.com, or visit northwestrubber.com.

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